Low cost beauty essentials

I´m sure you have some beauty products you can´t live without. Today I will show you mine…the low cost ones, good value for money ;)

I´m looking forward to know yours, so feel free to comment and we can share our favorites!!


James Brown London Volume Boost mousse: great if you have fine and curly hair like me. You need just a bit amount of mousse to leave your hair ready to dry.

– Nº7 Stay Perfect Lipstick:  an amazing coral shade for summer that lasts a lot. It is a bit too bright, so I mix it with another colours and a bit of gloss.

– St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan: this is the best tan moisturizing ever!! it is gradual and the colour doesn´t look fake at all, it is very natural if you use it every day (and the smell is nice too). It´s a must have if you live in London, where there´s no sun.

– Nº7 Serum protect and perfect: In UK is a well known product and I think they introduce it not long time ago in Spain. Because my skin is still quite young I use the normal version (not the intense one) every night before the moisturizing cream. It helps the skin to feel younger, smooths the lines, etc… I really like it.

– Benefit Benetint: this is one of my essentials I can´t live without. It is great as a cheek stain, with a very nice colour, that last the whole day, but you can use it in your lips too with some gloss over. I bought it more than 8 months ago and still have half bottle, so it´s a good investment.

Garnier BB cream: as they said gives “tone and boosted glow. Blurs imperfections and smoothes fine lines” and something essential: it has “SPF15 protection”. I totally agree…it is so easy and looks great that I don´t need more products in my everyday make up, only a bit of sun bronzing powder.

– H&M Bronze powder: I know there are much better ones, but if you are looking for a cheap one, this works and they have it as well in a small box to carry it in your bag.

17 Peep Show mascara: I have really long eyelashes, but with this mascara they look amazing, really long and with a lot of volume.

17 Clear Definition mascara: It is perfect for the eyebrows and if you just want a little touch in your eyelashes.

They always have good promotions and gifts: when I bought the mascaras, they gave for free the little bag with some summer make up (They called it Fest of all kit):

Lasting fix nail polish: Tropical Island

Instant glow body bronzer

Perfect definition eye liner

All 17 (by Boots)

 Sephora Shopping bag make up palette : great for holidays, you have everything you need (eyeshadows, eyeliners, lip glosses, lispsticks, blushes and bronzers) in a very small box. It was a perfect gift from my cousins!

Nº7 Stay Perfect nail colour  (Cheeky chops 240): lovely pink, quite bright, but no neon. Looks great when you are a bit tan.

Pictures: Alicia Prados

London summer windows: outfits inspiration

I took these pictures some weeks ago, before the sales and before the new Autumn Winter season arrived to the shop windows. But I think they could be still quite useful because I haven´t had yet any chance to wear proper summer outfits:  the “Prada” cars skirt from Primark, the printed jeans, some fluo colours, etc…

I will go to Spain in a couple of weeks (and maybe to the beach too…) so I need some nice ideas to mix my new and old summer clothes (I don´t think I´ll have any chance to do it in London this year).

Hope you can take some inspiration too!!



Emporio Armani



Tory Burch

Miu Miu



Louis Vuitton

Ralph Lauren



Alexander McQueen

Pictures: Alicia Prados

“London summer” outfit

Today I am going to make an exception and be an egoblogger (thanks to my friend Arturo) just to show you how we wear summer clothes in London in a “nice” and dry day (that it is not very common, because it has been raining for months) Maybe you can take some tips if you are coming to the Olympics in a couple of weeks.

If you want to wear a summer dress and/or sandals, think about thighs and a jacket. Or if you are brave enough, take your cowboy or ankle boots and wear them with bare legs (like Kate Bosworth)…but don´t forget a military trench to avoid the rain. Probably these days you will need a cardigan and a big scarf too because it is quite cold…and please, never forget to bring with you an umbrella and sunglasses all the time: could be really sunny during 15 minutes and then start raining like crazy.

It is quite difficult for a Spanish girl to get used to this weather and to not wear bright colours and summery outfits, so although mine could be quite shocking, it is the only way to do it and still enjoy playing with your clothes ;) (I wore it for the Hoss Intropia private screening of “Where do we go now?”)

Hope you like it!


Jacket – Zara (Last season)

Dress – H&M (old)

Wedges – H&M (online sale)

Thighs – Calzedonia (old)

Bag – Primark (old)

 Ring- Mango (old)

Nail polish –  Nº 7 (Cheeky chops 240)

New in: Aldo, H&M and Zara sandals

I love shoes…if you follow my blog you already know that. I don´t know how but I am always finding bargains everywhere. These are my last purchases (and gifts) for Summer (this strange season that doesn´t exist in London…).

The wedges are really comfy and so far I can only wear them with tights (I will show a “London Summer” outfit soon with the black ones…). I got the orange ones in an Aldo Facebook competition, thank you!! there are amazing, really light and pretty to wear with dresses and jeans.

Which ones are your favorites?? Did you find any bargain on the sales?


Animal print sandals – Zara (new season)

Suede wedges – H&M (online sale)

Leather wedges (now on sale) – Aldo

My favorite UK magazines

Every month I wait for my favorite fashion magazines to arrive home like a child does for the ice cream van in Summer. I am sure that some of you have the same feeling: it is a pleasure to have a nice drink (maybe wine or a Diet Coke), some good music and sit on your coach or bed and read them carefully, checking all the pictures, interviews, shopping, editorials… and of course the new trends.

I have VogueHarper´s Bazaar and Elle subscriptions and like to receive a different cover in some of them without so many words (it is not the same that the one that is sold everywhere), just a beautiful picture. Sometimes I get gifts or the new season reviews, like this month (the August issue).

I chose for you some of my favorite trends for the next Autumn Winter, but I must admit that I don´t like most of them…they are just not my style. Hope you like my choices (I will show you more examples of shopping when the new clothes arrive to the stores ;)

Do you have any subscription or you prefer to buy every issue separately?


Elle UK August 2012

Vogue UK August 2012

Haper´s Bazaar UK August 2012

British heritage, Haper´s Bazaar

Modern nomad, Haper´s Bazaar

Military details, Haper´s Bazaar

Style corps, Vogue UK

How to wear the wool coat, Elle UK