“London summer” outfit

Today I am going to make an exception and be an egoblogger (thanks to my friend Arturo) just to show you how we wear summer clothes in London in a “nice” and dry day (that it is not very common, because it has been raining for months) Maybe you can take some tips if you are coming to the Olympics in a couple of weeks.

If you want to wear a summer dress and/or sandals, think about thighs and a jacket. Or if you are brave enough, take your cowboy or ankle boots and wear them with bare legs (like Kate Bosworth)…but don´t forget a military trench to avoid the rain. Probably these days you will need a cardigan and a big scarf too because it is quite cold…and please, never forget to bring with you an umbrella and sunglasses all the time: could be really sunny during 15 minutes and then start raining like crazy.

It is quite difficult for a Spanish girl to get used to this weather and to not wear bright colours and summery outfits, so although mine could be quite shocking, it is the only way to do it and still enjoy playing with your clothes ;) (I wore it for the Hoss Intropia private screening of “Where do we go now?”)

Hope you like it!


Jacket – Zara (Last season)

Dress – H&M (old)

Wedges – H&M (online sale)

Thighs – Calzedonia (old)

Bag – Primark (old)

 Ring- Mango (old)

Nail polish –  Nº 7 (Cheeky chops 240)

One thought on ““London summer” outfit

  1. Estas guapísima… Solo te ha faltado una foto de cerca de esas sandalias que me tienen tan loca, jajajajjajaja…

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