Low cost beauty essentials

I´m sure you have some beauty products you can´t live without. Today I will show you mine…the low cost ones, good value for money ;)

I´m looking forward to know yours, so feel free to comment and we can share our favorites!!


James Brown London Volume Boost mousse: great if you have fine and curly hair like me. You need just a bit amount of mousse to leave your hair ready to dry.

– Nº7 Stay Perfect Lipstick:  an amazing coral shade for summer that lasts a lot. It is a bit too bright, so I mix it with another colours and a bit of gloss.

– St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan: this is the best tan moisturizing ever!! it is gradual and the colour doesn´t look fake at all, it is very natural if you use it every day (and the smell is nice too). It´s a must have if you live in London, where there´s no sun.

– Nº7 Serum protect and perfect: In UK is a well known product and I think they introduce it not long time ago in Spain. Because my skin is still quite young I use the normal version (not the intense one) every night before the moisturizing cream. It helps the skin to feel younger, smooths the lines, etc… I really like it.

– Benefit Benetint: this is one of my essentials I can´t live without. It is great as a cheek stain, with a very nice colour, that last the whole day, but you can use it in your lips too with some gloss over. I bought it more than 8 months ago and still have half bottle, so it´s a good investment.

Garnier BB cream: as they said gives “tone and boosted glow. Blurs imperfections and smoothes fine lines” and something essential: it has “SPF15 protection”. I totally agree…it is so easy and looks great that I don´t need more products in my everyday make up, only a bit of sun bronzing powder.

– H&M Bronze powder: I know there are much better ones, but if you are looking for a cheap one, this works and they have it as well in a small box to carry it in your bag.

17 Peep Show mascara: I have really long eyelashes, but with this mascara they look amazing, really long and with a lot of volume.

17 Clear Definition mascara: It is perfect for the eyebrows and if you just want a little touch in your eyelashes.

They always have good promotions and gifts: when I bought the mascaras, they gave for free the little bag with some summer make up (They called it Fest of all kit):

Lasting fix nail polish: Tropical Island

Instant glow body bronzer

Perfect definition eye liner

All 17 (by Boots)

 Sephora Shopping bag make up palette : great for holidays, you have everything you need (eyeshadows, eyeliners, lip glosses, lispsticks, blushes and bronzers) in a very small box. It was a perfect gift from my cousins!

Nº7 Stay Perfect nail colour  (Cheeky chops 240): lovely pink, quite bright, but no neon. Looks great when you are a bit tan.

Pictures: Alicia Prados

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