The Olympics at Selfridges

London is all about the Olympics these days and the next posts will be too…I will show you plenty of details of this beautiful city, specially how the shops have been dressed up for this international event.

The first ones I would like to share with you are Selfridges´s windows, where the creative team decide to show all the tourist and visitors why they are proud of being British and how you can link all their traditions with the sports, from the afternoon tea to the weather. Some of them are quite brave and surprising, so please, feel free to comment what you think about them.

The last ones are interior decoration and the pop-up  “Big British shop”,  where you will feel in paradise if you like kitsch cushions with The Queen on them, chocolates, Pimm´s to drink in summer, Charlotte Olympia limited edition heels, a Barbour jacket or an Union Jack Tea Towel.

(Sorry about the pictures quality, but couldn´t take them at night this time…)

Enjoy London 2012!!


Pictures: Alicia Prados

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