Selfridges’ tea and golf party

Hey there!!

Still thinking about Summer and not in the mood for Autumn? Then you can´t miss The Big Rooftop Tea & Golf Party at Selfridges, a great place where to spend an afternoon or evening playing golf around some of the London monuments (Big Ben, Tower Bridge…) It is a very crazy cake-based 9-hole golf course designed by British food architects, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, with each jelly, icing and fondant-clad hole.

And after the exercise, nothing better than a traditional British afternoon tea prepare for the Daylesford Cafe, where you can choose a 100% organic tea or a very special lunch or dinner which great views of Central London!

Don´t wait for the golf, it will finish this weekend, the 2nd of September, but you will have another month to try all the delicious meals at the Cafe.

Ready to say goodbye to Summer? Have you been before in the Selfridges rooftop?


Pictures: Alicia Prados

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