Place des Anges! Where the angels play

Sunday evening I enjoyed one of the most amazing spectacles of my life. It was called Place des Anges from Les Studios de Cirque the finale of the Picadilly Circus Circus . This event transformed Central London for one day into a pedestrianised paradise full of surprises and spectacle as streets are brought to life and iconic landmarks become the playground of the world’s most exciting contemporary circus performers.

I saw some performances in Regent Street and they were really good, but the last spectacle in Picadilly Circus was just unforgettable: all the place was cover with 1,5 tonnes of feathers coming from the sky and making you feel like in a fairy tale. It suppose to explain how the angels play and have a great time… Everyone enjoyed it like a child, you could see families, group of teenagers, couples, ancients playing with the feathers as if they were snowflakes! (But without the cold and wet thing…hehe). It was all about happiness and relax…

It is quite difficult to explain and the pictures doesn´t show it so much (sorry about the quality, my phone is not a good one…)  but if you like you can have a look to the Picadilly Circus Circus playlist on Youtube with videos that people upload from different areas of the square.

And this is how I saw it (Gallery below)!! Have you been to any similar spectacle that made you feel so special and you wasn´t expecting (It was surprise, nobody knew it)?

Pictures: Alicia Prados

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