♥ ♥ Trainers

The spring doesn´t want to arrive in London, so instead of craving for sandals and summery shoes I am thinking about trainers for the day (or the evening), for running and to match with all my outfits.

If you follow my blog you already know my wardrobe is full of them, especially the ones with the wedge inside (Isabel Marant style). I think I´ll never have enough but this season I´m trying to control myself and only dream with all the new styles I see around.

Are you into trainers?  Do you wear them only for sports or you add them to your outfits too?


(BTW don´t look for the number 7, they were too nice and I didn´t want to share them with you :P )

Love trainers from Asos
1. Nike Free running 5.0 trainers
2. Converse All Starts shoes
3. Nike Dunk high skninny trainers shoes
4. Converse All Stars trainers
5. Nike Dunk Sky high top green wegdes shoes
6 Reebok classic vintage shoes
8. Supra high top shoes
9. Gola Liberty Quota Betsy high top trainers
10. Nike blazer mid high top sneaker

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